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Tuesday 11th November 2008 ~ 13 Years Of Progress ?

20504 leaving Wisbech as the 12.01 to Peterborough today.
Firstly an apology to Sam & Co. for missing out of yesterday's blog the big news that 37568 managed to break new ground for the B9s by working the afternoon leg of K19 Lowestoft to Norwich via Beccles. This had started with 20104 but swaps at Lowestoft caused by the late running of K6 saw 20104 replace a Gemini on this and the decker off K1 (568) went on to the X2 turn.

Today 37571 was seen for the first time since attention at Volvo. It was at Lynn tonight alongside 37575/6 which are still awaiting paperwork. As 37566 was not seen today, it is assumed to be undergoing collision repairs. 37578/9 were new on the road today and the Gemini quotia in X1 service was noted as 12 with only 37569 of those available not being seen. Bodywork on the new B9s seems to be poor with 37577 having window leaks and 37563 same on the lower deck floor in addition to those previously mentioned.

20501 had a traumatic time last night as you may have seen from the message left by Des, failing on the Acle straight with a recurrence of its air loss problem. It had to be towed into Caister Road, but had nevertheless been repaired by today and was on Y21 tonight seen arriving at Lynn at 20.20. 20500 was certainly moved today and was seen by Jamie V in the bus station at King's Lynn at teatime, it may have helped on schools. The other Paragon still available for X1 duty is 20504 and this did Y14 today. Time will tell whether its outing to Peterborough tonight on the 20.59 ex Lynn is the final visit by a B12 to that location. Of the stored B12s 20506/8 are delicensed and 20502/9 unfit for service. They were joined by 20127 today which has a door fault. 20353 was in trouble again early this evening with power loss and was also at Rowan Road when Jamie V and myself paid a visit tonight.

John W saw 37573 on Y9 08.59 to P'bo being swapped for 20118, a mere 13 years its senior this morning at Lynn while 20105 was out on Hunstanton services all day. Other B10s out today were 20103/4/7/9/14/17/26. Strangely 20126 on K5 which ends up at Lowestoft was swapped during the day for 20109 and 126 did Hunstanton schools this afternoon.

Grahame B reports 20119 back on the road at Yarmouth today where it was being used on the 1s. It was last in X1 use on August 2nd !! He also saw 20111 on the Gorleston - Norwich shuttles.

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Sam Wickham said...

lol that's ok! And I covered it in my blog anyway ;) Quite what K19 will become in coming months time will tell; it seems to mostly be a Lowestoft B10M which at least does the X2 part in recent times anyway. Watch this space I guess!