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Saturday 22nd November 2008 ~ Disintegration !

Well day after day seems to go by and we have got into the habit of making excuses for the White Elephants. Roadworks at Wisbech and Dereham, A47 accidents, driver unfamiliarity, tacho issues etc etc. The fact remains though that they are simply not up to the job.
Jamie V was on 37563 with three drivers this afternoon and they all echoed what I've just said.
This morning began very well with 37575 exactly on time at Walton Highway on K1 07.48 P-L and indeed the following turn, K2 was actually 2 early passing me with 37574. Similarly Rob B saw K6 07.59 Lynn - Peterborough departing Wisbech 1 early (37577) and this was only 2 minutes late returning. 37564 on 08.48 P-L and 37579 on Y9 06.32 ex Yarmouth were both just 3 late, but then the service gradually deteriorated to the point whereby at 17.00 it was gridlocked at Honingham (this was forecast as a new roundabout was being installed) and King's Lynn were despatching buses to Peterborough as drivers and vehicles became available.

The eastbound afternoon services through Wisbech went as follows : L12 12.39 to Lowestoft 37571 exactly 30 late, L13 13.09 37568 -13, Y14 13.39 37578 -24, K15 14.09 37563 -28, K16 14.39 37572 -25, K17 15.09 37566 -37 ! and K18 15.39 37565 -13.
The 14.29 (K3) and 14.59 (K5) to Peterborough were not seen by me, but may have taken an alternative route out of Wisbech to avoid the roadworks. Next westbound service seen was 20117 at 15.42 and Jamie V had seen this departing Lynn, so presumably it was K7. Darkness then descended and a Fanta was seen heading east at 16.49 (K3 or K5 ??), however, despite me travelling home from work and expecting to catch it up, I never saw it again and came to the conclusion that it must have used the A47 bypass to get to Lynn. On the way home I passed 20121 on K4 16.29 Lynn - Peterborough running 15 late.
Jamie V was meanwhile esconced on 37563 on K15. It was already 30 late from King's Lynn before encountering the gridlock at Honingham and it eventually got through to Norwich at about 17.45, 82 minutes late ! An earlier snowfall in Norwich had also caused some delays, but the snow only appeared to be east of Hockering.
I retired from viewing when I got home, but will leave the final note to Rob Brooks who says : "20118 on Y9 1918 PB - LS depart Peterborough 1949. Currently on it thawing out!!!".
Isn't this mobile phone/email thingy wonderful ? An email straight from 118 !

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Jamie Vendy said...

U forgot g that H137FLX was on the shuttles it was like a fridge as me and the driver agreed together, He also added if we all send first enough argumentive letters on how crap these buses are which i agree with him becuase 63 had no heating upstairs!!!!! that we should get some new buses to replace elephants!!! He recomends we have Neoplan Skylinners!!!
thanks again