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Thursday 25th February 2010 ~ Preservation and all that

The King's Lynn Rowan Road compound clear out of withdrawn Olympians is now complete with 34923 having left last week. The only remaining oldie is 34876 which is rumoured to be heading for preservation - a good choice really as it has a new reconditioned engine and was only switched off because its MOT had expired. I think Richard would have liked to get it back on the road, but instructions have been received to leave well alone. B10M coaches 20106 and 20109 have now returned from Norwich, 106 has the front radiator grille missing, but 109 looks like it could be a runner and at least this would take 20500 off the Hunstanton schools runs.
On the X1 the Beast was K4, so should be Y7 tomorrow and 37568 on L12 was changed at Lowestoft for 34108. A fairly uneventful day and many thanks as ever to Bruce for watchtower observations after I was hastily sent to Long Sutton to cover a staff shortage.
Rob Brooks was on K16 with 37156 this afternoon "Funny" says Rob, "we were running late again, as always seems the case with B7s". He adds "The immigrant (37562) was back on K17". Yes it did it yesterday too after disgracing itself in Norwich on Tuesday following my glowing comments about it in Sunday's blog.
Cheryl tells me that her and husband Ian saw 107 yesterday on K16. He said "Ah it's a little X1 bus" to which she replied "No it's not it's THE BEAST" !

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