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Thursday 4th February 2010 ~ X2 Headlines

20105 in happier times, seen last July passing the observatory.

Once again today, Lowestoft started the day with an embarrassment of elephants. This meant 37563/5/7/9 were used on the X1, while 37579 did the 10.38 X2 to Norwich. This entailed 579 doing a schools turn to Beccles High School, where afternoon pupils have three First double deckers to take them home. They must have been surprised when one of the others turned up with 37566 and this later did the 18.08 Norwich to Lowestoft.
The Beast carried on its good work on the X1 today, working Y7 as expected. Gemini 37578 has retired to Full Circle for bodywork repairs and speaking of retirements, today saw the final use of 20105. It did its Hunstanton schools work and had a last fling out on Service 40 before being taken out of traffic tonight as its MOT has expired. Paragon 20501 was let loose on K19 today and B7s 37156/7/60 were all on X1 duties. 37156 failed to appear on K18 this afternoon says Bruce, so may have been running very late.

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