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Sunday 31st January 2010 ~ A Day Off

Spot the difference ? Apart from the number, no neither can I ! The Easy Jet advert is on most B9s currently. The weather was too good to ignore, so I attempted some different settings on my camera with mixed results. The top photo of 37576 on the 09.30 Yarmouth - Peterborough was half decent with reg plate almost in focus, which is more than can be said for the lower picture with 37563 working the 12.48 from Lowestoft. Both shots were taken through the car windscreen, so I suppose I should be pleased.

I had a day off from X1 spotting today - well it was my birthday, so a little relaxation was in order ! Yesterday I commented on the unusual use of 20107 when three Geminis were at Lowestoft. This was rectified half way through the turn when 37563 took the Beasts place.

Today was a low floor service, but unusual in that 37562, 37156 & 37157 were all in use. B7s are uncommon on Sundays and 37562 is normally given a day off so that it is in position for Monday's K17. Because of this 37566/8/70 were rested.

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