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Friday 11th September 2009 ~ Flagship Scania

Looking very smart after a repaint, Scania 65528 heads for Peterborough on the 12.55 from Lowestoft today. It was running 8 minutes late which is good for a Friday.

Scania/Wright 65528 which has been off the road for many months at last returned to service today having had an MOT yesterday. Instead of returning to its town work at Lynn though, it was called upon to work K3 06.45 King's Lynn to Peterborough and it worked this turn all day until it ran out of fuel at Peterborough at 18.00 ! The reason for its appearance was that 37579 was stopped with an oil problem and a technician from Volvo travelled to Lynn today to carry out repairs. This meant the Gemini tally was once again down to 12. With all three B7 Profiles and 65528 in action, the B10M quotient was reduced today with only 20103 on K4, 20104 on L10 and 20106 on K2. Yarmouth's 20126 returned to traffic on Wednesday but has yet to come west on an X1.

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