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Wednesday 23rd September 2009 ~ Hunky Dorey

Just to prove that not all X1 drivers are shy, Stuart Montgomery sent this photo of one of our regular chauffeurs in charge of 37569. If you've not already done so, check out Stuart's Flickr site at

Normal service resumed today after many months. With 15 Geminis and the three Profiles all available, this in theory left one turn uncovered. Despite this, the old order refused to die and three B10Ms were also in use. 20103 did L10 again, 20104 was out on K4 and 20107 replaced 37565 on Y9 at Lowestoft this afternoon. I hadn't realised that 20104 was at Lynn as it had replaced 107 on L12 yesterday. The upshot of this was that 20352 was spare at Lynn today.

With a little bit of juggling, tomorrow has the potential to be even better from an operating point of view. If 37565 is fit for service, a swap at Yarmouth with 20104 could see just a single B10M required, but as 20103/7 are at Lynn this is unlikely and both will probably work.

The Peterborough roadworks situation was much better today and Y6 arrived at Wisbech on time at 10.21 heading for the coast.

New arrival 37159 is yet to receive a tachograph, hence its absence from the X1. 37158 & 37160 make up the balance of the Lynn allocation and could be here by the weekend. The three Profiles are supposed to leave King's Lynn next week after just a year on the route. 37577 is due for MOT tomorrow and next week 37579 will follow suit completing the MOTs on the Lynn batch. B10M 20109 is now being worked on and workload permitting should be available for traffic by the weekend.

The blog extends its best wishes to Bruce who was grounded with a stomach bug. Hurry up and return to your vantage point Bruce ! Because of Bruce's absence, L11 was not seen today, however, 37575 was in the frame.

The record breaking 37574 notched up 59 continuous days in traffic today, which is remarkable for anything, let alone a B9 ! Richard was quite bemused when I informed him of the fact this evening.

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