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Saturday 12th September 2009 ~ A Social Event

20351 on L12 11.15 Lynn - Peterborough overtakes the East Anglian Bus Forum tour this morning
The public queue up to value a rarity ! 37573 on K5 10.32 Lynn to Lowestoft this morning.

Sam Wickham captured 20106 departing from Dereham this afternoon on L9.
Today the 'Anglia Bus Forum' had a day out visiting Norfolk Green and Konectbus, so Bruce and myself took the opportunity to meet up with various contributors to the blog at King's Lynn bus station around 10.30. Sam, Jamie V and Andy joined us for a chinwag and Suzie Scott presided over things. Around 20 bus enthusiasts left on a Norfolk Green 'Coasthopper' Solo at 11.15 having had time to get photographs of the various arrivals and departures.

37579 remained at King's Lynn garage today and it now requires injectors replacing, something which are in short supply at the moment and the reason for the delay in returning 37576/7 to service. 37573 DID return today though and was on K5. It retains the 'G Force' ad having not worked for about a month.
34108 was a bit of a surprise this morning, Bob saw it going west on his way to King's Lynn and it did L8, however, it was knocked out at Lowestoft by 37566 which came back tonight and indeed had been expected this morning. 20104 was K4 today and 20103 was on Y7, although it required fitters attention at Lynn before working the 11.32 to Lowestoft. One other B10M out was 20106 on L9. The return of 37573 meant 65528 was able to return to town work.

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