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Sunday 27th September 2009 ~ Show That Bus

If you ever see this driver in charge of an X1, I strongly recommend you demand to see his PSV licence ! It actually made me realise, despite the cameras, how isolated the drivers are now from their passengers. Photo by Bruce.
Well here's our old friend 20507 in her new guise alongside the current face of the X1 in the shape of 37572.

A gorgeous day weatherwise for our visit to Showbus at Duxford. The X1 meanwhile behaved itself with a rare day of complete B9 domination. Bruce drove us to the event and a great day it was too, some more pictures can be found at :

The X1 representative was as expected Gemini 37572, but the decison to park it next to First Glasgow's 20507 was a dubious one. It just left several visitors flummoxed as to why they disposed of the Paragons from the X1 to start with. There were a plethora of vehicles on display, many of which exhibited the features sadly lacking on our batch of Geminis.

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