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Wednesday 2nd September 2009 ~ Trials and Tribulations

37572 was sent out on K15 this morning after attention, but it was removed at Lynn at lunchtime and the 12.45 to Peterborough ran with 20118. 37570 which failed yesterday afternoon spent the day in King's Lynn garage and there was no sign of 37573/6/7 returning from Volvo.
Lowestoft's 37564 was back today and worked L8 throughout. The other three turns originating from Lowestoft had more old fashioned power with L10 being 20105, L11 20127 and L12 Royale 34108. The latter presented a beautiful sight descending from the A47 flyover at walpole according to Bruce who says "That's what the X1 should be like !".
Yarmouth managed to ground 60863 today and instead produced a refreshed 20353 on Y9. Other B10Ms on the road today were 20104 which did the first part of K4 before being replaced by 37568 at Lowestoft, K18 was 20106 and Beast 20107 was on Y7.
Punctuality was an improvement on yesterday, but by teatime services were generally 10 late and K19 was 13 late arriving for the 16.56 Wisbech to Lowestoft with 37579. A quirk generated by 579's recent visit for accident repairs is that its destination displays have been reset to the narrow font used on earlier examples. 579 had carried the larger version from new.

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