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Monday 12th October 2009 ~ Disruption in The Pipeline

Last winter you may recall, there were temporary traffic lights on Cromwell Road in Wisbech, near the Tesco store which caused all sorts of delays to the X1 service, including an unofficial diversion via the A1101. Well it would seem that a similar diversion may well be put into effect in November when, for approximately 5 weeks the South Brink between Wisbech town bridge and the Weasenham Lane junction will be completely closed to allow improvements to be made to the flood defences alongside the River Nene. More importantly, this means the buses won't pass my place of work, so the blog may not be so concise !
Roadworks with temporary lights have been in situ on South Brink for about a week already with single line traffic and today a further set of three way lights have been temporarily installed at the B198 junction where the X1 turns off to Walton Highway. This is one of Norfolk's accident blackspots which urgently needs either a roundabout or traffic lights to prevent the large number of accidents which occur here. It is not known if any action along these lines is taking place, but delays to the X1 because of the roadworks described are inevitable. Timekeeping was exemplary today and the few minutes lost at these two delays was soon made up.
There was no sign of 37568 today, the Gemini which was taken out of traffic for 34113 to work on Saturday evening and also absent again was 37566 which definitely seems to have issues and makes it less relaible than the other B9s. Repairs to 37572 were finished at King's Lynn today and tomorrow 37574 is due to have some outstanding repairs fixed. All services originating at the coast were B9 worked today and the three regular B10Ms were despatched by King's Lynn as follows : 20103 K2, 20104 K16 and 20107 K4. If 37566/8 are fit for service tomorrow, this could see 103 & 104 replaced. All three B7 Geminis were in action today and all on the ex Profile turns. 37158 did K5, 37159 K3 and 37160 K17.

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