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Saturday 24th October 2009 ~ Driver Wanted

We haven't seen 20115 on the X1 for a while and last Sunday (17th), Jim Long photographed it after it had unexpectedly arrived in Ipswich !
I kept a fairly low profile again today, but our regular contributors kept me up to date. There were two 'incidents' to report. Firstly 37565 working turn K18 had a bird smash its top deck windscreen in the Necton area and it had to be replaced. This meant the rare sight of 20105 on express duty again and this worked back on the 15.35 Peterborough - Yarmouth. Then this evening 37566 arrived at King's Lynn as the 16.25 from Lowestoft (Y10), but there was no driver to take the service forward to Peterborough at 19.50, so it was cancelled as was the 21.10 Peterborough - King's Lynn. Rob Brooks was one of the passengers waiting at Peterborough, so he retired to the pub and then took the 22.10 with 37573 along with various obnoxious characters on the top deck which seems to be a regular hazard of late night X1 travel, particularly at weekends.

Gemini 37564 has now not been seen since Tuesday and this follows a similar 'disappearance' by 37563 which is now back and worked L9 today. Diagrams not worked by B9s today were : K5 37158, L11 20104, Y7 20107 and K3 20109 in addition to 20105 mentioned previously. Michael Bryant saw B7 Geminis 37156/7 still at work in Norwich today.

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