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Thursday 1st October 2009 ~ When the cat's away.......

I thought things would run quite smoothly today and spent the day visiting relatives in Warwickshire. Wrong ! King's Lynn decided a new month would be an ideal time for the new B7 Geminis to make their X1 debut. Tachographs have been fitted to 37159/160 and these worked Lynn internal car lines K17 and K15 respectively. 37158 also got in on the act and when the B9 on K19 11.25 Lowestoft - Peterborough (believed to have been 37569) was deemed unfit to proceed beyond Lynn, 37158 stepped in and did the trip to Peterborough and back. It was replaced for the 17.32 to Lowestoft by newly MOTd 37579.
There were lots of swaps today - Royale 34108 came out of Yarmouth as expected today and worked Y7 this morning, however, it was removed at Lowestoft and the 14.55 to Lynn had 37563 instead. Y13 should have been 37564, but this evening it came in with 37577 (off the first part of K19). There was another swap too with 37566 on K2 taken off at Lynn and replaced by the vehicle off K19 11.25 ex Lowestoft (37569?) for the 18.35 to Lowestoft .
20352 was not seen today and 20353 remained at Rowan Road compound. 20103 worked L11, 20104 K4 and beast 107 did Y6.
37566 has lost its advert for 'Fame' - it was the only B9 to carry it - and now has a T Mobile free texts ad in its place.
Many thanks to Bruce, Sam, Jamie V and Andrew for the regular updates today in my absence.

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