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Saturday 17th October 2009 ~ Gathering of the Clan

Tonight all the Lowestoft based Geminis finished their turns at either Lowestoft or Yarmouth as did 37570 & 37577. King's Lynn played host to 20103 (L11), 20107 (Y7 again!) and 20126 (L9) as well as 37158/160 and its B9s with the exception of the two already mentioned. 37159 has returned to Volvo for the increase in maximum speed to 56mph to be fixed.
Going back briefly to Friday night and 37160 on K17 was unable to complete the turn and 37573 off K18 came back to Lynn. There was also a swap in the other direction with Y6 19.05 ex Peterborough having 37564 changed for 37568 at King's Lynn.
Timekeeping during the middle of the day was bad with the following noted returning from Peterborough through Walpole Highway : Y6 with 37567 12 late, Y7 20107 16 late, Y10 37574 18 late, L11 20103 30 late, L12 37565 8 late and Y13 37160 11 late.

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