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Friday December 10th 2010 ~ Foiled By The Beast

It really did look as though the low floor service had once again become a reality today, but 37563 was taken off K14 at Lowestoft and the 08.55 return to Peterborough was 20107. I wonder how many people when the X1 started, would have predicted that 107 would be the last regular coach on the service ? You'd probably have been laughed at, as it still had branding for the X2 route at the time and was therefore fairly uncommon on the X1.

The Beast in September 2006, still with Excel logo on the front and X2 route destinations in the side windows.
 With temperatures now well above freezing, my two services which I regularly see on the way to work in the morning, K2 07.35 from Peterborough, due through Walpole Highway at 08.31 and Y6 05.50 from Great Yarmouth, due at 08.33 set a new record this morning. They were both a minute early (37572 & 37570) ! The driver on Y6 is a bit of a stickler for good timekeeping and whilst everything else was losing time, he also managed to bring K15 13.18 Wisbech to Peterborough out dead on time with 37578.
Worst services for delays today were Y13 13.05 from Peterborough which was the ever present 37576 running 14 late, K14 with the Beast which was 17 late from Wisbech westbound, K16 with 37157 was seen on the 14.35 from Peterborough entering Wisbech 25 late, which was a minute sooner than it had appeared on the same turn last Friday !
On the operational front, 37566 on Y7 was 6 late into Wisbech on the 10.05 from Peterborough and Des took it out of Yarmouth on the 15.25 Lowestoft to King's Lynn still 7 late departing after a late arrival. Des says "It was very congested from Norwich bus station to the A47 and I was 20 late at Easton (17:03), then difficulty rejoining the A47 after Hockering made us 25 late at Dereham (17:30), 21 late at Swaffham (17:58) and 21 late arriving Lynn (18:28).". Never mind Des, at least you made up some time with it being a B9 rather than a B7.

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