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Wednesday 22nd December 2010 ~ Let It Snow

A session of heavy snow in Wisbech between 12.05 and 13.30 today gave some tricky conditions on the X1 route during the afternoon. Up until this point all services had run fairly punctually, but Y13 with 37160 passed the South Gates webcam at 11.42 (approx 10 late) inbound and 12.00 (still 10 late) going out, before encountering the snow and it passed X1 HQ at 12.43, 23 late. Peterborough bound services then left Wisbech as follows : K14 37576 54 late and K15 37579 38 late. Returning from the City,  Lowestoft bound services were L10 37565 8 late, L11 37574 29 late and L12 37157 36 late.
I had to make a trip to collect a friend from King's Lynn hospital this afternoon. The first X1 I saw was 37576 returning empty 'out of service' down the Terrington bypass at 15.35, so in other words about 55 late for K14, matching the delay when seen on the outward. Coming back 37572 on K16 was seen 36 late and K17 with 37571 was 25 down.
Earlier L11 had arrived at Lynn with 37156 (at least that would seem to fit the scenario as all other buses were accounted for) and 37574 worked forward. 37156 then took over K18 from 37158, freeing the Lynn B7 for locals. 37156 was back again later having done the last leg of K17 instead of 37571 which then ran in the path of K18 and ended up at Yarmouth. 37160s heavy delay on Y13 meant it was replaced at Lowestoft by 37576 for the last trip back to Lynn.
37568 off K4 did the 13.38 X2 to Norwich and 37567 took the X1 instead. This was a scheduled maintenance swap.
Des was shuttling again and says "34333 - 07:45 James Paget Hospital > Norwich,  09:10 Norwich > Gt. Yarmouth (gosh that's an oldie Des). 34114 - 16:40 Norwich > James Paget Hospital. You'll be interested to know that I saw 20107 - After it's valiant efforts on the X1, it was plying the 1/1A routes today".

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