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Monday December 20th 2010 ~ Optical Disillusion

It was our work Christmas party today and my old boss decided to take advantage of the X1 from Thorney to Wisbech in order to be able to enjoy an alcoholic beverage or two. He turned up at the bus stop to discover a senior citizen who'd already been waiting half an hour and after a further such period, he retraced his steps and got his wife to drive him instead. I know there were accidents on the Acle Straight and later on at Hockering today, so there was disruption. 37574 on Y9 10.18 Wisbech to Peterborough was bang on time, but it was after this that the big gap appeared.
From what I can gather it was an all low floor affair once again today.

37574 emerges from the mist at Wisbech this morning.

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