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Saturday 18th December 2010 ~ Utilising Resources To The Full

37158 heads east on L12 at lunchtime when temperatures were still about 4 degrees below freezing
 Availability of the Geminis continues to improve, though 37575 was sidelined today with some bodywork damage. It is believed to have been taken off Y7 and this then had 37160 I think.
The timetable stood up well today with only one hiccup, this being K15 which was 27 late into Lynn and after loading was spotted by Bruce at Walpole having lost another minute. It terminated at Wisbech as K16 with 37569 was tright behind it.
With all the Geminis behaving, 37571 looks to have had a day off at Lynn and at the other extremity of the route, 37157 was working the 09.08 Lowestoft to Norwich X2.

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