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Friday December 17th 2010 ~ Chaos as Expected

Ah, apologies to all concerned, but this picture taken today confirms that 20121 IS still at King's Lynn despite me recently stating the contrary was the case. It had been craftily shifted into a different position, hence my oversight.
Chaos, caused mainly by some snow and very icy conditions in the East. Over here, we wondered what it was all about. The 'First' website advised that at one point the X2 was suspended due to an accident on the route and X1s were not calling at Gunton Tesco due to the icy approaches.
Every, yes every X1 diagram changed vehicle at some point during the day and some several times ! Highlight for us coach fans was the use of 20126 on K15 09.25 from Lowestoft. I have a feeling this may have replaced something at Yarmouth. King's Lynn disposed of it very quickly and it didn't make it through to Peterborough. It went back on L10 to Lowestoft and was then swapped for 37564.
Apart from 37573 which was cleared off repairs tonight, all the B9s featured in proceedings. 37160 was stopped for windscreen replacement during the day, but this had been on local work and was in fact the only B7 not on X1 duty.
Late running resulted in some big gaps in the service. 37158 which took K15 from Lynn at 12.45, was back through Terrington at 15.28 (19 late) but nothing else had followed it eastbound by 16.20. Earlier during a brief visit to King's Lynn, I saw 37571 leaving to Lowestoft at 14.58 (Y13 running 26 late) followed by Y13s original bus 37157 which departed empty to Lowestoft on time for K14 at 15.02. In from the coast came 37156 arriving at 15.00, with 37565 7 minutes behind. In the event 37156 did go through to Peterborough as K1 and 565 was turned round to go back east.
The service never recovered from the daytime events and tonight 37574 on L12 was terminated at Lynn due to a driver reporting sick, meaning that the 20.50 to Peterborough didn't run. Passengers were then forced to wait in the freezing conditions for Y13, the 21.50, which (still with 37571) departed at 22.09.
Sam reports 37566 on the X2 in the morning, but by this evening it had come into Lynn on a terminating X1.

The time is 15.46 this afternoon, but can you spot 37156 heading for Peterborough. The location was near Walton Highway and it demonstrates the lack of snow here in West Norfolk.

37567 in a delightful setting at Gorleston church showing the snow nearer the Coast. Thanks to Des for this.

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