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August Bank Holiday Review

Another omnibus blog entry as I continue to catch up with things.
Thursday was a poor day for sightings all round, but 37157 was seen by Malcolm working the 15.03 X2 off Lowestoft.
Friday saw 37159 stopped with a fuel tank leak and it has been off the road right through until today (Monday). Delays on Friday were heavy at one point. At 18.05 Bruce passed four X1 vehicles following each other up London Road in King's Lynn heading out of town. 37576 was on Y6 and then came 37157 heading for Lowestoft, 37571 not in service and 37569 also heading for Lowestoft !
37579 which had been on Y6 in the morning found itself ob the 15.03 X2 to Norwich instead.37575 was stopped at Lynn for rear end collision repairs. Des reports "Acle Straight closed from approx 11.00 am till 16.00. All X1 services via A1064. I was with 20126 on the 17.10 Norwich - Gorleston short, we departed on time but on the inward journey I had spotted an accident on Trowse bypass (A146). I had seen 37564 leave Norwich on time (16.55). I decided to take the A140 route out of Norwich. I caught and overtook 37564 @ Gorleston Library @ 18.12. He was approx 20 late."
Saturday saw my annual trip to Peterborough beerfest and my journey was aboard 37157 on the 10.48. Our departure from Wisbech was about 3 late and our amenable driver did well in the busy traffic. Shame the same can't be said about the top deck internally - look at the muck in here :

Travel back from the beerfest was in a fast car and a total of only four out of 19 X1 turns accounted for, so onto Sunday......37160 was out on the 10.30 ex Yarmouth, seen near Tilney running 14 late. Remainder of the service worked by 37563/4/5/6/8, 37571/2/3/9.
Bank Holiday Monday saw heavy delays due to the traffic. 37579 on the 13.50 Lynn to Peterborough had at one stage earlier in its journey lost nearly 40 mins, but this had reduced to 20 by Walpole with some smart driving. The service was B9 worked apart from 37160 on K6 which does the afternoon Martham service. The 10.20 Lowestoft - Norwich X2 was viewed with 37158 by Malcolm. 37575 was ready for return to service at Lynn after minor rear collision damage and 37577 is now stopped for MOT prep work.
Sunday's 13.10 from Peterborough to Lowestoft near Walpole with 37565 being amongst the majority of X1 Geminis without any rear advertising now.

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