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Friday 29th July 2011 ~ Brother Beyond

Bruce writes : "As Gerard has been unfortunately indisposed, I have been let loose with the Blog again.
Thanks to all the X1 drivers who wave as they pass by - it brightens up my day no end as I toil on the ranch with only X1 breaks. Today, July 29th was a Friday - which is bad for punctuality anyway- and a school holiday Friday, which is doubly bad for the X1 punctuality.
The day started well with 37563 on K1, 37574 on K2, 37159 on K3, 37576 on K4, 37573 on Y6 (appearing to be empty - very unusual) and 37575 on Y7 all being on time. Managed to miss L8, Y9 and K5, but L10 and 37579 was near enough on time. 37573(Y6) was 17 late returning from Peterborough but 37575 (Y7) was only 4 late behind it.
The rot set in from the coast with L11 & 37160 10 late, L12 & 37568 6 late, Y13 & 37570 12 late and K14 & 37569 7 late.
In the other direction I waited patiently for L8's return but was rewarded with 37565 on Y9 - or so I thought - only 2 late and absolutely packed with passengers upstairs and down. Well it was Y9 until the real Y9, 37158, sped by 17 late in hot pursuit of 37565, now identified as L8 32 late.
I missed K15 as it was on time but then farce erupted as L10 & 37160 passed by 28 late followed closely by 37568 1 minute early and in sight of 37160!
From the coast K16 & 37157 was 12 late, K17 & 37578 was 5 late and K18 & 37156 was 7 late. K15 returned from Peterborough 22 late but the others I missed as timings were erratic.
K2 on its return from the coast was noted 19 late but now with 37577 (out on its first run since repair) instead of 37574. Having missed K19 and K5, a vigil ensued and I was rewarded with 37572 coming back from Peterborough 10 late. 37567 rolled by at 18.04, not as I first assumed Y6 but the missing K5 30 late. L8 appeared later on with 37571 having replaced 37565".
Thanks for that Bruce, I was backwards and forwards to the hospital today but I can confirm that 37577 replaced 37574 at 15.45. At 19.58, K5 with 37567 was viewed at the Southgates 'not in service', even though by this time it was almost back on schedule. I was on my way home as sadly my brother had passed away shortly before and seeing the display on 37567 seemed somewhat poignant.  I am also indebted to Des and Malcolm for their help with the blog today.

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