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Tuesday 2nd August 2011 ~ Barbarians & Cowboys

I am once more indebted to Des and Bruce for holding the fort for me today. I did, however, go for a drive out tonight and noticed the ad-man affixing new boards to the Gemini fleet. The two new schemes are predictably for films and were it not for this source of income, I suspect 'CBS Outdoor' - the huge advertising company responsible for these contracts - might have gone bust years ago ! 'Conan The Barbarian' proclaims one and 'Cowboys & Aliens' , the other.

37567 undergoing MOT work and now fitted with a striking new advert.
There were two diagram swaps today, firstly K3 saw 37570 (Volvo bound) give way to 37572 for the 09.32 Lynn to Lowestoft, while K17 had 37573 taken off at 16.27 and 37565 ex Volvo worked forward. All other turns seemed well behaved and 37160 was spare at Lowestoft.
20352 is not being kept on such a tight leash these days and today it 'escaped' again on K18, normally a B7 turn.

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