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Sunday 31st July 2011 ~ Sunday Service ?

The only X1 turn I hadn't accounted for today was L10 and here it is with John driving 37573 near Weasenham Lane, Wisbech at just after 13.25 today. [Rob Brooks]
37570 required a front windscreen repair after working K3 yesterday, but it also seems to have been serviced today (can't remember that happening before on a Sunday !). With all the work done, it was fit for working K6 today. This is the turn that does Lynn - Peterborough - Lowestoft and then works the Martham service.
37156 was viewed on K1 15.10 ex Peterborough this afternoon, which is also unusual. It transpired that it had replaced 37568 at Lynn on the 13.50 westbound after passenger illness.
37567 is off the road until Thursday now for MOT prep work. An accident at Tuddenham caused some delays to afternoon X1s today.

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