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Saturday 30th July 2011 ~ Completing the Jigsaw

On days like today where I don't get to see the service much, many of you combine to give a full picture of events. Going back to yesterday, Marcus says that some of the delays were caused by an A47 accident between Guyhirn and Wisbech during the morning.
Des reports that the overheating problem with 37156 seems to have been cured - today its temperature gauge was reading a normal 78, rather than the 90 which has been commonplace of late. 37156 was working Y10 today and was seen this evening heading for Peterborough 15 late at Tilney.
This delay seems to have been the exception rather than the rule today though. One other late bus was Y7 with 37576 which was 19 late from Lynn on the 11.32 to Lowestoft, but had made up 7 minutes of this by Yarmouth.
37577 with outdated advert for 'Rio' exiting Vancouver Avenue depot today after an unscheduled stop on the 11.15 King's Lynn to Peterborough (L12). [ Des Speed ]

With 37577 returned and 20352 still on the route, there was a surplus of buses today (yes honestly !). 37564 and 37159 were both kept at Lynn for oil and axle checks, while 37571 was spare at Lowestoft - no reports so far of it being in use though.
After its escapades around Lowestoft, 20352 returned to the X1 today, being used on L9 which finishes at King's Lynn. The quick turnover of Geminis at Volvo for the gearbox mods saw 37566 absent for attention today, it is also having its 'drive green' settings sorted.

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