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Sunday 27th July 2008 - Paragon Puzzles

A postscript to Saturday now to report that diagram K16 was swapped at Lowestoft with 20124 being changed for 20126 which was a good 20 late on the 13.48 ex Peterborough. After this though timekeeping became perfect with in some cases early running such as the 17.18 ex Peterborough which was 6 early at Terrington with 20509.
Today, Sunday, I saw little as I was in Coventry for much of the day. Strangest thing was that the two late Saturday coaches (turns K2 and K17) which normally reside at Rowan Road all day before fuelling on Sunday evening were both out in service. 20509 did the 07.59 Lynn - Peterborough but was swapped at some point as it was in Vancouver Avenue this evening. The other was 20507 which was also out in service. 20119 and demic 20503 were the only coaches at Rowan Road tonight with 20104/05/07 and 20506/09 at Vancouver Avenue.

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