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Tuesday July 29th 2008 ~ Swap Shop

The continuing use of B10s 20106 and 20112 in the rail replacement fleet on mainstream X1 work continues, They both came into Lynn last night on Y21 and K3 (not sure in what order !) and today 106 did K16 06.07 Lynn - Lowestoft etc, while 112 did K6 07.59 to Peterborough but was one of several swaps when it arrived at Lowestoft, it being replaced by 20105. K19 (the X2 turn) started out with 20124, but in the middle part of the day it was 20142 and then finally 20109 was sent back to Lynn. In fact three Lynn B10s were out on the X2 today, 20105/109/142. J11 had 20123 swapped at Lowestoft at 15.55 for 20126. Something odd happened with Y8 and Y9 (the 06.02 & 06.32 ex Yarmouth) as they started out with 20104 & 20119, but by the evening the had exchanged diagrams. I suspect 20104 became so late that somewhere it was overtaken by 20119. Confused yet ?
My prediction of a full coach timetable today failed to occur. 20504 was at last back in service on K2 06.59 Lynn - Peterborough etc , but 20506 was unavailable at 07.29 and K4 had Scania 65532 all day again. John W noted 20506 out on Hunstantons later in the morning and I think it had been to Ford & Slaters with a tacho problem and then had its air con system looked at. 20500/04/08 all have dodgy air con at the moment. Lateness prize of the day went to 20502 on K15 the 08.55 ex Lowestoft which left Wisbech 28 late at lunchtime.

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