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Saturday 26th July : Lunchtime Blog

I'm writing this at lunchtime, so goodness knows what will ensue later on. Yesterday's heat was intense and 20503 was unable to return from Peterborough under its own power. It had to be towed in after its hydraulic fan disintegrated and damaged the radiator. It is currently at Rowan Road and I am told it will probably be off the road for about a week.
This morning 20119 had to pop into Vancouver Avenue garage with a full compliment of passengers at midday, but was able to continue as J10 the 12.12 to Lowestoft. Lateness caused by traffic congestion varied, the 11.29 to Peterborough with 20508 (Y14) was 24 late leaving, while the following 11.59 with 20502 (K15) was only 9 late.

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