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Monday July 28th 2008 ~ A Thorney Moment

Confirmation comes today from Carol that 20507 was indeed out yesterday on the 15.18 ex Peterborough.

Peter was in touch this morning to say that the first westbound service from Lynn (K5) had expired at Thorney roundabout with 20123. The problem can't have been that great however, as it was seen entering Wisbech at 17.01 on the same turn, but running 28 late. Just one minute behind it was 20505 on K7 running marginally early. Peter also said that 20503's failure on Friday occurred on the Parkway just outside Peterborough. By this evening it had moved to Vancouver Avenue for inspection. 20504 returned from Norwich today with a new gearbox which should prevent a repeat performance of today when Scania 65532 did K4, the 07.29 Lynn - Peterborough etc.

20506 started the day on a Paragon turn : K3 the 06.54 Wisbech - Lowestoft, but then replaced 20107 on the X2 diagram (K19), fortunately Sam got a photo of it on this turn (above) and I hope will forgive me for using it here. As yet not sure what replaced 20506 on K3.

20103 was out on the X1 today for the first time since 15th on Y14.

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