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Thursday 24th July 2008 - The return of 111 !

A fairly uneventful day on the X1. 20104 reappeared on L13 07. 45 Lowestoft - Peterborough. It has had an ad for 'Just Jobs Suffolk' removed from the passenger side but retains the same on the drivers side !
20504 is seemingly back on the road this evening as it had its exam completed at Vancouver Avenue today.
Highlight of the day was the return of 20111 (above) which came in on Y21 17.25 ex Lowestoft after MOT completion at Great Yarmouth. It had last worked on June 11th.
Michael at last reported B10s back on the X2 today with 20103 and 20107 working. On diagram K19, 20126 was sent out from Lynn but this got swapped during the day and 20119 returned off the X2 tonight. Jamie V saw 20123 working on the 3's - thanks to Sam for passing on the gen.

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