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Friday 25th July 2008 - Boiling Point !

20504 had its exam completed yesterday and was then taken to Norwich for a new gearbox. 20111 returned east last night on the 21.42 to Lowestoft (K20) replacing 20118.
Today was the hottest day of the year thus far and the temperature in Wisbech at lunchtime was 30'c. By this evening it had cooled to a humid 24'c and after 19.00 there were a few light showers. Not surprisingly there were two breakdowns to report. 20503 failed on K6 at Peterborough for the 18.18 to Lowestoft with loss of coolant and Richard had to go and repair it. The 18.18 started at Lynn at 19.42 with 20109 which had come in on L12, the 19.24 arrival from Lowestoft. No sooner had this left than 20142 came in on L13 overheating and 20505 off K4, the 19.07 arrival from Peterborough took over for the 19.59 westbound. 20142 was taken to Vancouver Avenue where its radiator was hosed down.
Michael reported 20103 on X2 this morning and on a Bernard Matthews Contract this afternoon, he also saw 20106 and 20126. Jamie V reported 20106 on Lowestoft circular service 102 this afternoon ! Thanks to Sam for passing this on.

20124 left Wisbech 25 late at lunchtime on the 13.39 to Lowestoft due to congestion in the town.

The picture today is of Richard with 20120 a few weeks back when it failed on a test run on the A47 Tilney bypass !

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