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Friday 18th June 2010 ~ Blog Catch Up 1

Bruce Reports :


08.31 K2 with 37564
08.40 Y6 with 37575 6 late
09.06 K3 with 37159 2 late
09.25 Y7 with 37568 21 late
Missed K4/L8 or did I?
10.04 K5 with 37562
10.07 Y9 with 37569 3 late - or was it?
Missed Y6 and L10
11.05 L11 with 60863 only 1 late - text Gerard - but was it?
11.17 travelling to Tesco hoping to meet L12 but met 37156 in Tilney all Saints on the real L11.
11.50 returned to Walpole without any shopping due to problems at home and met 37569, Sorry Not in Service and empty, heading for Lynn at the pullover roundabout - on time to pick up L8 from Lynn???
11.57 followed L12 leaving village 23 late with a B9.
12.23 saw Y13 from down our fields with a B7 19 late
13.53 returning to Tesco met 37579 at Tilney All Saints on K16 or 17 - take your pick
16.06 back at home with shopping met 37579 showing Lowestoft on K17 (?) only 2 late
16.14 I don't believe it - another B9 heads to Lynn at a fair rate of knots following 579 as well - K16 or K17? - I give up!
17.05 travelling to Walton Highway met 37160 (Gt Yarmouth) with 37578 (Lowestoft) immediately behind it!. (K18/19?)
19.18 out front cutting grass to restore sanity and saw K4 with 37574 but nothing from Lynn in 45 minute.

Steven confirmed some of Bruce's suspicions/fears : K1 37567, K4 37574, Y6 37575, L8 was 37569 with 60863 on L10. K14 37157, K15 37577, K16 37579, K17 37573, K18 37160 and K19 37578.

Syd says "More movement on 20107. It has been taken over to Gt Yarmouth for MOT assesment work, which looks likely to include the extensive chassis repairs at Perfects. It is certainly more promising than sitting in the corner at Lowestoft. On the X1 front another tri-axle made an appearance yesterday (17th)...30105 worked the 1725 Lowestoft to Gt Yarmouth. We know its an extra, but I wonder if the public realise it hasnt just arrived from Peterborough ! ".

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