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Friday 25th June 2010 ~ Allergic Reaction ?

37567 was allocated to Y13 today, nothing unusual in that you might think, but on a couple of recent occasions, when it has tried to work this turn, it has been involved in incidents. Firstly it had an upstairs windscreen smash, then last Saturday it was replaced at Lynn by 37159. Today it was again in trouble - possibly due to late running - and B10M 20118 ran from Lynn to Peterborough instead of the B9. Bruce saw it 25 late at Walpole Highway returning from Peterborough. 37157 was 32 late on K18 this afternoon
Today only one service was seen on the Nene Quay route out of Wisbech, this being 37569 on L12 which was 10 minutes late when seen at midday. Tonight 37579 on K15 was removed at Lowestoft and replaced by 37566. John W reports 20121 on Hunstanton schools this morning, with 20123 on the X40 and 20109 also on a Hunstanton service.
Thanks also to Bruce and Rob Brooks for their help today.

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