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Saturday June 12th 2010 ~ Setting A President ?

Syd writes : "The recent arrival of the President bodied B7TLs at Gt Yarmouth are not actually for the summer service 3. All told 7 are due there for work/servicing before moving to Lowestoft. This should then release the 7 Royale Olympians assuming the B7TLs are ready, the Palatines remaining at Lowestoft for the time being. The eventual transfer of all the Royale and Palatine Olympians to Gt Yarmouth for Contracts and Schools only should then see off the tri-axles.
This brings me to the latest plan hatched up for the X1......Two of the B7s are to be tacho fitted for X1 back-up to replace 34108s involvement. This grand plan is due for implementation at the end of the month. This is already in trouble as 32212, which was put into service when still restricted to 32mph yesterday, has today been re-calibrated to 50mph upon which it promptly expired. 32212 has now been inspected and a new engine isnt needed, just a quantity of replacement bits. No other B7TL has turned a wheel yet, 32208 and 32210 were both towed to Caister Road and have yet to see a pit. The end of June date for X1 use may therefore seem a little optimistic. The other casualties of this are of course due to be 34333 and 34921.
Good news about 20107 is that it spent some time on the Gasworks Road pits Friday, so it isnt a lost cause yet, but is back outside at the moment".
Well it's nice to know what may be in the pipeline and thanks very much to Syd for that. That uncommon phenomenon - an all low floor day was achieved today. All the Geminis were out except 37576 (accident repairs), 37156 & 37158.
Punctuality was good today and the most delayed service seen was only 7 late, this being 37567 on the 11.15 King's Lynn - Peterborough (L12). In contrast 37575 was seen arriving at Walpole 4 minutes early on the 13.06 to Lowestoft.

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