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Sunday 20th June 2010 ~ Blog Catch Up 3

Bruce was sidelined with friends today, but still managed to report the following :

Early time keeping was good, 37579 wandered by to Lynn sometime. BUT the 14.10 to Lynn passed at 14.45 and the 14.10 to PB passed at 14.53. The 15.10 to PB passed at 15.53 and the 16.10 to PB passed at 16.59.
The 19.10 to PB passed at 19.38 and what I believe was the 19.10 to Lynn passed at 20.04 with 37562.
The 22.10 to Lynn was only a couple of minutes late but the 22.10 to PB passed at 22.32

What is interesting here is that the roadworks at Lynn seemed to affect the Sunday service more than Saturdays.

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