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Tuesday 22nd July - The Countdown is on !

Wow, the first post in a new blog ! I've decided to do this to chart the progress of the introduction of a new fleet of double deckers on the X1 expected over the next few months. At the moment the service is of course booked for B10 and B12 coaches.
Yarmouth's 20126 made an appearance yesterday evening for the first time since 29th June. It came in on the 20.24 arrival at Lynn from Lowestoft, which is a chuck out from Lowestoft and only does the one trip. Once again it had new adverts on both sides and on the rear - Yarmouth are the only depot that do this with any regularity. It didn't stay long and replaced 20112 which had an ignition problem on the 21.42 to Lowestoft. Tonight though it was back again having been seen by Sam in Yarmouth earlier today, again coming in on the 20.24 arrival.
Both 20106 and 20112 were out on X1 today again and were both due to overnight at Lowestoft. 20505 came into Lowestoft on the 11.40 arrival but was replaced by 20119 on the 11.55 to Peterborough. 20505 found its way back to Lynn on diagram K19 which had started out with 20118. This does an X2 to Norwich and then does the 17.47 Norwich to Lynn. There was more swapping at Lowestoft as so often happens when there is late running, 20127 on the 12.10 arrival was swapped for 20118 to do the 12.25 Peterborough.
20504 is still blown up at Rowan Road compound with an unknown fault. Loads of B10s off the road at the moment and the list looks like this : 20103/111/114/117/120/121/131, all at either Yar or Lft.

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Unknown said...

Travelled from Surrey Street to Gordon Road this PM on 37158, via Beccles cos' it was 45 down.