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Friday 5th September 2008 ~ More Departures

20508/9 were both at Rowan Road last night but had left for Scotland by the time Bruce had visited this lunchtime. Bruce reports that 20500/1 are now ready to go to Essex, while 20502/3 need working on and 20506 resembles a shell inside with odd bits of seats still left but scarcely a good one. This has become the donor vehicle to get the others fit for despatch. Still no sign of 20505 last reported at Yarmouth Volvo.
Ryans says 20126/7 have been out on Yarmouth locals while 20123 is still at Caister Road depot out of service as is 20124 at Lowestoft. Sam got quite excited this morning when he espied 20115 at Trowse with about six HV clad chaps on board heading out of town. Perhaps for rail replacement at last ? He also travelled with 20111 on the X2 and this was having acceleration problems despite the drivers best efforts.
37564 followed me about today. Firstly it did K1 07.48 ex Peterborough, then at 17.20 it was seen on K4 13.25 ex Lowestoft entering Wisbech. I also saw it returning from Peterborough 33 late at Walpole Highway ! Only seven minutes behind it was 20118 on K6 18.18 Peterborough - Lowestoft. K1's return duty, the 12.25 ex Lowestoft was seen by Bruce on the Wisbech western bypass with 37579 running about 20 late. He also saw an unidentified B7 profile on K3 at around 16.20 in the Wisbech roadworks queue. Terence says a B7 was at Magdalen Square at 20.40, so I guess this was the same one. There was a B10 seen today, it passed Bruce 9 late on J10 09.29 Lynn - Peterborough, but was not identified.

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