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Monday 7th December 2008 ~ Beautiful Sunday

65525, 37571, 37574 and 34921 line up at Rowan Road today

20103 leaves Lynn this afternoon on the 14.42 to Lowestoft

Certainly a beautiful day for enjoying the winter sunshine after a harsh frost. I'm afraid it wasn't a remarkable day on the X1 though. B9 Geminis did seven of the turns, one was not seen and the other was 20103 which I saw departing King's Lynn on the 14.42 to Lowestoft emitting clouds of unhealthy smoke when standing at the traffic lights at the exit of the bus station. I think the Geminis with the destination display in larger font are only 37575/6/8/9. Not sure why 37577 appears to have missed out.
Elsewhere EABG report that 20114 and an unidentified Paragon were seen on the M62 near Oldham on Friday evening, while 20119 along with 20504/7/9 are already in Glasgow apparently. Interesting that 20119 didn't come to Lynn for preparation before going north.

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