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Monday December 1st 2008 ~ Party Time

My work Christmas 'do' today, so saw very little. Yes I know it's early for a Xmas meal, but as my boss was retiring, they combined the two things.
37564 was on K1 07.48 ex P'bo this morning and it does as I suspected have the Mamma Mia ad on the drivers side. At lunchtime I saw 20104 on L12 11.48 ex Peterborough running slightly late and going in the opposite direction was K15 11.59 Lynn to Peterborough with 37571 which was 19 late. Jamie R did K16 which was about 15 late heading west with 20352. Saw 17.01 Wisbech - Peterborough (K4) from a distance about 15 late with one of the Mamma Mia Geminis (probably 37570 see below). Final sighting was L13 19.59 Lynn - Peterborough which was about 5 late with 37569.

Rob Brooks was about this morning and reported the following : 20111 K2 0828 PB - LS depart PB 0834. 37570 K4 0858 PB - LS depart PB 0910, and went via Wisbech Bypass & Churchill Road to the Horsefair. 37578 was on K6 0928 PB - LS, but was only approaching Eye on the inward at 0921. 37563 was to be Y8 the 0958 PB - LS, but as of 0934, was passing Guyhirn, about 23 late. 20103 was on the Y9 0931 Wisbech - Peterboro and appeared to be on time ! (Unless everythings over 30mins late - no it really was on time Rob ). Un/id B7 heading into Wisbech via Churchill Road 1200. Assume a late running 1139 to Lowestoft (J10) ?(actually possibly J11 on time, see Bruce's note below)

Bruce had more pressing matters to attend to and says "Due to having my head and an angle grinder inside the wood burning stove (following it setting the chimney alight on Saturday night)I can only lay claim to 20104 on L12. Another B10 went to Lynn between 11.00 and 12.00 but can't remember when and there was a B7 on J11. Saw 20352 this afternoon between 15.00 and 16.00 but again can't remember exactly when" (K16 which was well late).
I have since established that Bruce's stove was NOT alight when he had his head inside it !

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