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Wednesday 24th December 2008 ~ Seventeen Apparitions

Mamma Mia ! It's 37564 on the 07.48 Peterboro' - Lowestoft this morning
Bruce always refers to the B9 Geminis as 'ghostly apparitions' when they pass his house, as at night they illuminate his lounge with the horrible fizz lights on the top deck. This phenomenon has been temporarily halted as Bruce in festive mood has got his own back with a house festooned with Christmas lights which move marginally faster than the B9s.

My survey I'd planned came to fruition today and for the first time I managed to track down all seventeen B9s in the same day. More startling was punctuality - most shoppers seemed to have burnt themselves out and traffic was light. Only one service was noted late and that was Y14 12.01 Wisbech - Peterborough which was 20 late and 19 late coming back. The following K15 12.31 was not seen by me, so it either took the Churchill Road out of Wisbech or went direct to Peterborough down the bypass to make up lost time. Either way it was on time departing on the 14.09 Wisbech - Lowestoft. There were two examples of early running today : K17 12.59 Lynn - Peterborough left Wisbech 5 early with 37565 and tonight K20 20.18 ex Peterborough with Profile 20351 was 10 early at Tilney St. Lawrence (guess the driver was ready for Xmas).

Seen today were :

37563 Y9 (terminated KL 20.37)

37564 K1a/K4b

37565 K17

37566 J11

37567 Y21

37568 K5

37569 Y8

37570 K4a

37571 K7 (term Lft)

37572 Rowan Road CCTV fault

37573 K16

37574 L13

37575 K15

37576 K6 to 19.37

37577 K3 (term Lft)

37578 K18

37579 Y14

What came back from Lowestoft on K1 is unknown but presumably a B10.

The other workings today were

20103 K2

20104 K19b

20105 K19a

20107 L12, K6 19.42 ?

20109 J10

20351 K20 (Term KL)

20353 was serviced today at Lynn and not used on X1. 20352 is out of traffic at Volvo, Ely for repairs. Other B10s at Lynn were 20118/121/131 with 20120 still under repair at the garage.

Only leaves me now to wish you a very Happy Christmas and thank all of you who have contributed or followed the blog since July. G

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