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Monday 22nd December 2008 ~ How much longer ?

I have touched on this subject before, but I'm wondering just how much longer the Volvo B10M Premieres will and indeed can continue to stand in with such regularity on the X1 service. The official route allocation is the 17 B9 Geminis plus the 3 ex Devon & Cornwall B7s giving 20 buses for 21 turns. Given then that presumably K19, the turn which spends most of the day on the X2 is still being rostered for a B10, why is it that so many B10s seem to be out on mainstream X1 turns ? Today we hear that 20104 was on K18. 20105 was seen by Rob B and myself on K2 and 20111 was again seen by Rob working Y8 this evening, all of which one would expect to be B9s. I would like to do a survey either on 23rd or 24th to see exactly which of the B9s/B7s are not in service. Any help would be appreciated, but I am returning to work tomorrow so should see several turns myself.
37564 was seen at 14.16 entering Walton Highway heading for Lowestoft right time on K15 with the late lady driver - I am assuming it wasn't Y14 29 late here. This may have been the case as K3 was almost 30 late into Wisbech for the 14.31 to Peterborough with 20353. Tonight K2 with 20105 was 10 late heading east at Walpole Highway while Jamie R's service, the 18.17 to Peterborough (Y9) arrived 18 late with 37570. Y14 21.31 Wisbech to Peterboro' left 2 minutes early tonight with a B9 and the 22.31 (K15) was on time with 37564 (so we will be kind and guess it was on time this afternoon).
Rob says "20351 on K17 1331 Wisbech - Peterborough departed at 1357, 20111 on 1801 Wisbech - Peterborough departed at 1813, with me on board and a few others and can report its got a nasty squeal from the engine". Oh dear doesn't sound good then. Terence was at Yarmouth at 14.30 and reports 37575 heading west, so either K4 or possibly K6 and heading east on J10 37579. He also saw 20126 on a shuttle at teatime. Bruce saw 37563 and 37573, but on what he didn't specify being rather bored by the new regime.

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