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Sunday 30th November 2008 ~ Mamma Mia

A day of unrelenting rain throughout. The X1s seen by me were all Geminis except the 20.59 Lynn - Peterborough which was seen with B7 20352 at Walpole Highway 2 minutes early. B7 20353 which was out yesterday was at Rowan Road tonight with its bottom front panel (inc reg plate) missing, so whether it completed K4 yesterday is unclear.
The advertising chaps have visited Lynn and adorned 37570 & 37579 with large billboards promoting the new 'Mamma Mia' dvd in conjunction with Asda, both on the drivers side. I suspect 37564 may also have been fitted with them. Olympian 34933 certainly has. 37574/7 at Rowan Road escaped though. Serviceable B10s at the latter location this evening were 20105/7/11/31.


ryan said...

the part to 20353 is at our depot in great yarmouth as i went with the fitter and i put it in the van was on the haven bridge spotted by an x1 driver hehe

ECBusman said...

Hi Gerard,
Todays observations include seeing a Trident at Lowestoft TESCOs - Lowestoft Bound - at 4.25pm ish, a Profile (20351/2) on the dual-carriageway at 4.30pm Lowestoft Bound - with an Excel Liveried Premiere, no EXCEL lettering on side, at a max of 2 minutes behind the Profile and Yarmouth Dart 47215 (M215 VWW) at James Padget Hospital at 4.40pm ish (R447 CCV seen twice today on Yarmouth locals). Terence.