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Friday 8th May 2009 ~ Bruce In Charge

The Lynn guys decorate the Routemaster at Vancouver Avenue today. Photo Des Speed
Well as I am away let's hand over firstly to Bruce - times at Walpole Highway unless stated:
Standing in for Gerard

K1 37568 4 late at 15.38
K2 37565 6 late at 16.10
K4 37569 at 09.34 to Lynn
K5 37573 at 10.04 "
Y6 37571 at 10.34 "
Y7 37564 at 11.04 "
Y8 37567 at 11.34
Y9 37578 24 late to Peterborough and at Vancouver Ave roundabout at 12.56
Y10 37576 14 late to Peterborough and 4 mins behind Y9 on its return
L11 37566 approx 30 late to Peterborough - if it wasn't L12.
L12 A B9 only a couple of minutes late to Lynn at 13.36 - or was it 37566 on L11 30+ late that I saw?. L12 then passing by between 13.36 and 14.00 with me missing it due to lunch break?
Y13 20104 27 late to Lynn at 14.31
K14 A B9 4 late to Lynn at 14.48
K15 37572 8 late at 15.12
K16 20126 15 late at 15.49
K17 37577 5 L to PB
K18 37563 6 L to PB
K19 37579 8 L to PB

The big trouble was a believed multiple accident on west bound carriageway of A47 and subsequent badly damaged parapet of the Ouse Bridge . Plenty of police cars and highway agency vehicles and long, long tailbacks towards Norwich by 11.15.

Rowan had 20123/31 on show, 34157 still poorly and 34921 parked.
Vancouver Avenue has Scanias on pits 1 and 3, 30901 and 20352 parked.
Returning to Rowan 34921 had been replaced by a Routemaster and Des!
Finally while waiting for K3 which I anticipate would be 20351 (or maybe not), 37577 on K17 passed by at 16.39 instead of 16.04, 35 late but was only 5 late at 14.09

Thanks Bruce, a gold star there !! Now to Rob Brooks :

I took it upon myself to try and see as many X1s as possible today in your absence, as seen below, I didn't do a good job, sadly -All times are Wisbech-

Circa 1410, head on accident at the Thomas Clarkson Memorial involving 2 cars, it seemed a vehicle travelling from the Tescos way went the wrong side of the lights, and hit a car travelling the opposite direction. The road westbound was closed, but eastbound remained open. I'm expecting Peterborough bound X1s to be diverted., but all was cleared up after 1500ish. 37572 1318 Peterborough arrived 1322 left 1325 and 1456 Lowestoft arrived 1502 departed 1504.
37566 1326 Lowestoft arrived 1323. 20104 1426 Lowestoft (assumed) 2 early. Can't be sure if this is actualy the working, due to above mentioned circumstances. 37563 1448 Peterborough arrived 1458 departed 1500. 37579 1518 Peterborough left 1531

Well that doesn't leave much left to be said. Tonight L12 was definitely 37566 as Jamie R travelled on it. All this and the excitement of a Routemaster at Lynn too !!

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