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Thursday 30th April 2009 ~ The Beast (107 !)

You can't keep a good bus down as we've said before and this week 20107 (nicknamed 'The Beast' by Bruce) seems to be the Lowestoft standby which is being called into service on a daily basis. Yesterday it relieved 20104 (not 37573 as stated) on K16 and today it turned up on K1 this afternoon running an unflattering 14 late. Looks like 37563 was the first bit of K1 but don't quote me on that !
A modicum of commonsense prevailed today and the two Profiles at this end were sent out on 'home' turns, 20351 on K3 and 20352 on K5. It will be interesting to see if this becomes a regular occurrence. Two other B10Ms worked hard today, these being 20104 on L12 and 20127 on Y13. Both did the full turns and ended up (confirmed thanks to Rob B) on the 22.10 & 23.10 Peterborough - Lynn respectively. The appearance of 127 was quite surprising as RD reported 20353 back at Yarmouth last night after release from Duffields. Another A47 accident near Guyhirn (yes really another !!!) led to some delays mid morning. Worst affected was 37567 on Y8 which was 24 late into Wisbech to do the 11.26 to Lowestoft.
The new timetable seems to be encourging evening swaps at Lynn, last night for example the 20.35 and 21.35 departures to Lowestoft saw 37569 and 20351 swapped for 37566/72.

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