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Newsflash ~ X1 Accident

The 07.05 Gorleston - Peterborough X1 (diagram L10) was involved in an accident as it approached the Thorney bypass Eastern roundabout at about 11.10 this morning. The bus, Gemini B9 37571 was seen departing Wisbech slightly early at 10.47 and was lightly loaded owing to a late running preceding service. Although details are yet to be confiirmed, it would appear that a car driven by a 71 year old woman appeared on the wrong side of the single carrageway and collided head on with 37571. The driver in an attempt to minimise the impact, swerved to the left and ended up in a ditch at an angle. 13 people were injured and the lady car driver killed. The A47 is still closed now at 17.30

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