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Sunday May 10th 2009 ~ Sunday Jaunt

Seen through a haze of squashed flies on my windscreen is 37569 pulling away from Scarning this afternoon.
This rather flattering image of Look East presenter Carol Bundock is currently at large.

37579 at Rowan Road this afternoon with its rather lacklustre (some might say tasteful) advert for Bob Books. It was later procure to relieve 37566 and ended the day at Lowestoft.

It would appear that 37570 is blown up at Yarmouth with an air brake fault. Ryan sent an email to advise. This means 37571 is a likely candidate for L12 yesterday.

Today I had an afternoon jaunt to Norwich passing a few Geminis on the way. 37578 was approaching Walpole Highway as I left on the 14.08 to Peterborough (K7), 37563 was then seen at Middleton heading west at 14.30 on K8. Next came 37569 which was seen exiting from the Toftwood diversion back onto the A47 near Scarning. This was working K1 12.48 from Lowestoft. On the way back I saw 37575 near Hockering on K2 18.10 from Peterborough, then 37573 heading west just about to pull out at Scarning on the 18.48 from Lowestoft K6. Still with half a Nokia ad, 573 had replaced 37565 which had started the turn but which was swiped at Lowestoft. A quick diversion into Swaffham saw 37576 patiently waiting time as K3 21.06 to Lowestoft. At King's Lynn 37566 was encountered at the South Gates roundabout on Y4 20.10 from Peterborough, but this was also swapped and 37579 which had spent the day with 37572 idle at Rowan Road took over. Present in Vancouver Avenue depot at this time were 37567, 20126 and 20351/2. Final sighting of the day was the 21.10 from Peterborough (Y5) which had 37564. The only turn not seen was Y9 which was 37577.

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