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Tuesday 5th May 2009 ~ 60863 Flies Again

60863 comes into Wisbech at 13.20 with L12 12.35 Peterborough - Lowestoft today

Lowestoft were on the floor for buses this morning it would seem. Needing to provide five for X1 duties to Peterborough, they managed to come up with 37565/72/76, 20107 (L11) and 60863 (L12). The latter is a Volvo B10 with Wright body, almost identical in appearance to the local Scanias. It was last used on the mainstream X1 last July when it had an extended stay on the route during a shortage of coaches and until their recent demise had been a regular on the Gorleston - Norwich shuttles. Nevertheless it came as a surprise when Bruce sent me a text to say it was en route. The reason for using it was that 107 was the only B10M at Lowestoft, there being a consequent glut of the type at King's Lynn. The other 'missing' bus was 37577 which was not seen today. Punctuality was good today and B10Ms in use were 20104 (K18) - I omitted to mention this did K1 on Saturday last - 20107 (L11), 20109 (K19) and 20127 (Y13).

37563 was back in use this afternoon, so may be it was off the road for a service over the weekend. It doesn't like Bank Holidays as it had a rest like this over Easter too. This afternoon it took over K5 from 20351 and the latter then laid over until relieving 37566 on Y7 thus bringing the B7 back to Lynn. Another recent absentee, 37575, was back at Lynn this evening after accident repairs at Full Circle, however, it is now booked to go to Volvo for some reason, so doesn't look like re-entering service yet.
37565 has also gained the 'Twister' advert referred to on Sunday. 37573 is at King's Lynn due an MOT this week.
Going back to 60863, it rather surprisingly came back on L12 this evening forming the 20.50 Lynn - Peterborough & return. 37571 began the day on K1 but was taken off at Lynn at some stage and replaced by 37578 off repairs.

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