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Saturday 2nd May 2009 ~ Brewers Troop

20127 at Wisbech this evening having arrived on time as the 18.15 Peterborough - Lowestoft after having left 6 late.
So today myself, some work colleagues and friends decided to visit Charters beer festival at Peterborough - and what better way to travel there than by the X1 ! On the way to Wisbech in the car we passed 20107 on the first diagram from Yarmouth (Y6) so after that we knew we were in for a Gemini. Sure enough 37564 turned up around 10 late and then spent a few more minutes over time as it filled up with eager shoppers and football fans, during which time - unusually - the driver switched the bus off. Incidentally 564 must be the beer bus as this was the one I had on 2nd January when I went to York for beers. We sat upstairs near the back and my initial misgivings as the sun shone through the windows to give a greenhouse effect were dispelled as soon as we began moving and a pleasant breeze made the journey quite acceptable. The seats ? Well again Peterborough was quite far enough, but overall the journey was good and I couldn't find too much to moan about. My fellow passengers were impressed with the views afforded from the upper deck.

A few hours and pints later we arrived at Queensgate to catch the 18.15 to Lowestoft. This was nearly 10 late arriving with B10M 20127. Such was the demand to travel on this venerable vehicle that every seat was taken upon departure. The seats were very comfortable of course, though the depleted legroom on 127 was noted by my brother-in-law. These ex Scottish examples having extra capacity and thus closer spaced seats. I did manage a pic of 127 (see above) on arrival at Wisbech. There was also a special moment on the journey back when we passed 20107 east of Thorney. Thanks to Rob Brooks for providing details of some of the B9 worked services today.

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