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Monday October 31st 2011 ~ No Slack

The week began with zero spare buses ! 37579 was on MOT prep, 37575 awaiting a visit from the Volvo technician for attention to its compressor trouble and 37156 at Volvo Norwich having a brake disc modification - this being the reason for the B7s visiting their premises, not a maximum speed change as I'd hoped.
Many services ran the best part of 10 minutes late today. Y7 with 37160 was 8 late from Wisbech at 09.26 on the 09.18 to Peterborough, but almost amazingly returned just 2 late. L10 was delayed en route and 37573 on the 11.35 from Peterborough was 21 late at Wisbech. At King's Lynn it was changed for a revitalised 37575. Subsequent service ran late, but as usual it was K16 which suffered worst, 37157 was 9 late westbound and 15 late returning. 37573 was soon back in action taking K18 to Lowestoft from Lynn at 17.02 replacing 37159.
37569 was in trouble for the second successive evening, tonight it failed at wisbech at 17.30 with a water leak on K4. a temporary repair saw it limp on , but it was replaced for the 19.35 Lynn to Lowestoft by 37160 which had come in on Y7.
Over on the X2, missing 32211 was back in service today with 66126 working the 13.38 ex Lowestoft. Malcolm reports K15 with 37576 arriving in Lowestoft 13 late and then departing 6 late on the 09.25 to Peterborough. Bruce's favourite 34108 was earning its keep on the 09.40 Nrwich to Yarmouth X1 shuttle.

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