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Week Ending March 4th 2012 ~ Making Up Time

Monday 27th February
Firstly an update on Sunday 25th and Des reports delays due to the football traffic in Norwich. 37574 on 15.30 ex Yarmouth was 10 late from Norwich, but 25 late by Easton due to the congestion. the service was 21 late into Lynn and 16 late departing on the 17.50 to Peterborough.

Today was an uneventful day with no swaps. 37158, 37569 and 37156 out of service today at Lynn for servicing / noisy axle / MOT. Some buses fitted with new ads for the film 'Contraband' tonight.

Des writes 'Today I had 37160 on L11 16.55 ex Lowestoft. We were on time until a road closure in Gorleston making us 5 late at the library, but on time by Yarmouth. Coming back from Lynn I was driving 37568 on L8 21.35 Lynn - Lowestoft. On time until the A47 closed at Longwater for roadworks. Came into Norwich via Dereham Road and Grapes Hill - thought I'd better then check the Newmarket Road stop as I was the last bus eastbound. 5 minutes late at Norwich bus station. At Yarmouth, Haven Bridge closed so diversion via Yarmouth/Gorleston bypass making us 8 late arriving at Gorleston JPH".

Tuesday 28th February
A second successive day without incident. 37156 & 37569 still off the road but 37158 back freshly serviced and  37159 off today for same. Malcolm aw X2 vehicle 32655 operating a 101 town service in Lowestoft today.

Wednesday 29th February
K5 had 37576 swapped for 37160 for the 10.32 Lynn - Lowestoft. 37578 was off the road for compressor attention, but 37569 was back on K4.
Major delays caused by the closure of the Acle Straight this afternoon saw 37571 on Y6 depart King's Lynn almost 40 late on the 17.45 to Peterborough. A spirited run saw it back in Wisbech at 20.11 (16 late) and departing at 20.12 (12 late). It was on time at the Southgates at 20.40 heading east. Over at Lowestoft Y9 with 37158 arrived 25 late having been diverted via Filby and then departed 16 late on the 15.55 to King's Lynn. 37579 on L10 arrived in Lowestoft 45 late and then went light to Norwich to resume its duty at 18.05. 37567 on L11 arrived into Lowestoft -40 and departed 30 down at 17.25, the same time as the 17.25 X1 short to Yarmouth. The last bus to Yarmouth had departed at 16.10 ! Lynn arrival on L11 was 11 late at 20.10.
37572 became the first X1 Gemini to break the 400,000 mile barrier today. It passed the milestone at around 20.20 tonight between Eye and Thorney on L8.

Thursday 1st March
37565/578 spare at Lynn today receiving attention. 37156 is due for MOT on Monday. No swaps today and it all seems to be going like clockwork ! The Mad March Fares promotion is now available from stops in Dereham, Toftwood, Hockering and Easton :

Friday 2nd March
Delays were worse today, so nothing unusual there. 37572 was seen 10 late on K4 this morning, while L11 was 15 down with 37568. I saw Y13 13.05 ex Peterborough which was 37566 12 late departing Wisbech.

Saturday 3rd March
37158 heads east through Walpole Highway on K1, the 08.00 Wisbech - Lowestoft this morning.

Nice to report a normal week at last. Every day this week K2 has done the following day's L8 which on Wed/Thu/Fri has then worked Y13. 37566/570 got a day off today so that they could be positioned for servicing on Monday.
37569 heads for Peterborough running about 12 late on K16 13.15 from King's Lynn today.

Sunday 4th March

Both 37159 and 37568 were kept at King's Lynn today with windscreen defects and this evening 37573 was taken out of service with some minor damage at the rear, it was replaced by 37160.
37570 is due an MOT this week, but it looks as if both it and 37566 which is due to be serviced will need to be used tomorrow morning. Assuming the usual pass, the situation should be relieved when 37156 returns from MOT tomorrow morning. This bus has not been fitted with adverts since it returned from repairs and may be out in 'all white' tomorrow.

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