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Timetable Traumas

A new X1 timetable came in to use on April 1st (!!) which includes the new stops in Dereham and Toftwood. It would seem it has already had to be reprinted. The first version had a service on Bank Holidays and Sundays where buses were leaving Lowestoft for Peterborough on the half hour and returning from Peterborough hourly. As one of our correspondents exclaimed "Where are all the buses going to ?". This has been corrected in more recent days - the service should of course be hourly.

Kieran says "I can't understand what has happened with the X1 timetable - On Sundays the service number headings have gone berserk with successive services being numbered X1, X2, X3, X4 and X5 before reverting to X1. This does not seem to have been corrected yet".
I suppose at least the timings are correct and I daresay most users would realise that it is a printing error.

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